„Постепенно всеки се приближава към шведския модел“ - Рок звездата по епидемиология, д-р Гизеке, посочва очевидното (ВИДЕО)

Това не е Швеция, която огъва коляното, това са страните, които капитулират пред шведския модел

Giesecke is " 

Акценти в броя:

“I must say I have been inwardly laughing when I see all the other countries in Europe putting up all these restrictions and I’ve been asking myself how are they going to climb down from this?

Has anyone thought about exit strategies before they introduced these rather strict measures? And I think very few politicians across this continent have done that. I remember the first one I asked, that was Norway, when are you going to open your schools again, what would be your criteria to do that? And I’m not sure they even know now how they’re doing it.”


“Thirty years from now this will be completely forgotten. On the medical side, on the public health side, on the economic side. No one will even remember.”

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Emmet Sweeney
Емет Суини
Преди 9 месеца

Thirty years from now, this will be well-remembered as the point in time which marked the power of the Jewish-owned media to tell governments across the world that they should imprison their peoples – and the governments were forced to obey.

Преди 9 месеца
Отговор на  Емет Суини

Funny thing, Emmet recently discovered this article https://www.aier.org/article/woodstock-occurred-in-the-middle-of-a-pandemic/
Yet when I ask folks who were alive during that period, NO ONE remembers the pandemic. All remember Woodstock/moon landing ect, but not the pandemic, which killed 100,000 Americans.

Matt Davis
Мат Дейвис
Преди 9 месеца
Отговор на  сърбеж

It’s a choice…
If youd rather remember a stupid pandemic over woodstock/moon landing etc. that’s on you.