Donald Trump Somehow Manages to Become Stupider

Hails Turkey protecting Al-Qaeda from Syria, Russia

The US has a $10 million reward out on al-Jolani, the overall commander of the Idlib jihadis

1. The guy couldn’t pick Idlib out on a map.

2. Idlib in Syria is controlled by al-Qaeda and several other terrorist groups that all share the same ideology and commit the same crimes.

3. He’s literally telling Syria, Russia and Iran to stop fighting al Qaeda. And Turkey?? The Turks are trying to stop the ‘carnage’ of their pet head-chopping thugs getting pummeled by Syria in Syria.

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thomas malthaus
Томас Малтаус
Преди 10 месеца

Erdogan’s Turkey might see a brighter, regional future–sans his doublespeak–if he could muster a decision not to participate in transferring Syrian oil via “The American Way.”

I’ll admit I’m somewhat baffled by Russia’s support for CIA asset Haftar. I don’t expect them to support Muslim extremists.
Perhaps it’s transitory and involves a Washington-Moscow deal?

Преди 10 месеца

This situation reminds me of Roman empire in the times of Caligula!

Mikhail Garchenko
Михаил Гарченко
Преди 10 месеца

…it´s a joke, isn´t..? 😛

Séamus Ó Néill
Séamus, Néill
Преди 10 месеца

And that moronic imbecile is the President of the most powerful (sic), richest (sic) country in the world….the same country that has never won a war since it’s historic invasion of Grenada, the same country that hides a massive $230 trillion debt, the same country that has butchered its way around the globe genociding billions ….and this half-witted cretin is concerned about a few head-chopping psychopaths illegally squatting in Syria…. they could always surrender to the lawful authority !

Преди 10 месеца

he mirrors the braindead murikans that he represents.
nitwityahoos sockpuppet

David Bedford
Дейвид Бедфорд
Преди 10 месеца

If you want to see whose side Donald Trump is on just look at the man he previously pardoned.

Преди 10 месеца

We haven’t forgotten Murders in iraq,afghanistan by your military mr President