A TRUE PATRIOT Supports Whatever Random Thing Trump Is Doing in the Middle East Right Now

Consistency! Not like those shiftless Democrats!

With the communists in Congress engaged in the worst witch hunt in history, it can seem like loyalty to the President is hard to come by. That’s what makes real American heroes like local veteran Will Anders so incredible.

“They call Trump a warmonger, then complains when he ends the war in Syria,” Anders said, taking a brief break from ranting in his pickup truck about homosexuals in the military. “They need to make up their—wait, we’re still in Syria? And now we’re starting a war with Iran? Good”

“Our only mistake in Iraq and Afghanistan was not committing hard enough. We need to stay the course.”

Now THAT is a patriot! Unlike shiftless Democrats, Anders has stuck by President Trump through thick and thin. No matter how abrupt, contradictory, or ill-advised Trump’s decisions are, Anders is there to cheer him on.

“I supported the President’s decision to have our troops serve as a buffer between Turkey and Rojava,” Anders told us. “And when he pulled the troops out at Turkey’s request. And when he condemned Turkey for invading despite giving them permission to do it. And when he said he was going to immediately bring the troops home. And when he turned around and sent them to Iraq.

And when he sent more troops back into Syria to take their oil,” Anders added, despite spending years angrily insisting that America was liberating the Middle East from Islamic fascism, not looting it of resources. “It’s about time we get paid for all the freedom we’ve brought them!”

Anders isn’t just loyal on matters of foreign policy, though. Lesser men might draw the line at Trump insulting and belittling members of the military, but to Anders, “brotherhood” and “honor” are just words. No matter what the President says or does to his fellow veterans, Anders is ready to roll over and support him without question!

“That Colonel Vindman POG needs to stay in his lane,” Anders said, referring to a Purple Heart recipient and fellow infantry combat veteran. “He’s almost as bad as that overrated prick Mattis and those pussy Gold Star families.”

Damn right, sergeant! These seasoned warfighters might have been willing to die for Anders on the battlefield, but their refusal to blindly support Trump makes them no better than any other libtard traitor. These snowflakes need to shut up and honor the oath they made to OUR PRESIDENT Trump. The sooner they do, the sooner we can get out of (or accelerate) the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and possibly Iran!

Източник: Блог Duffel

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Преди 1 година

[…] A TRUE PATRIOT Supports Whatever Random Thing Trump Is Doing in the Middle East Right Now by Justin Coates on January 7, 2020 at 15:38 […]

Brion Adair
Брион Адър
Преди 9 месеца

Still being a Trump supporters after proving that he basically is a lying sack of shit takes cognitive dissonance to whole new levels.

chris chuba
Крис Чуба
Преди 9 месеца

Good one, I’ll add Laura Ingraham to the list. She allegedly got on board the ‘end forever wars’ bandwagon but is now acting as if full court aggression against Iran is ‘America first’ and not him being taken over by Neocons.

BTW I could tell that LI was always a Neocon in her heart. She’s one of those as long as it’s free, it’s okay to impose our will on other countries types. I can at least respect Bolton. He makes no bones about what his goals are and the cost.

Brion Adair
Брион Адър
Преди 9 месеца
Отговор на  Крис Чуба

Just add an “e” to her initials and it says it all about shill Laura.

Преди 9 месеца

pure sarc…… but am sure many dumbtards in the United States of Terrorism think that way….
what a f*cked up country…. where the most ignorant and stupid people on gods earth are their leaders…

Brion Adair
Брион Адър
Преди 9 месеца
Отговор на  Канозин

It’s called kakistocracy.

Mary E
Преди 9 месеца

“Traces” of satire!? This is one of the most satirical – and hilarious – pieces I’ve read on
CheckPointAsia!! Good laughable read for sure!!!

Trap Is Not Gay
Капанът не е гей
Преди 9 месеца

The US mainstream media’s narratives cause it.
It’s a heavy brainwashing about “Left” vs “Right”, and any truth is called anti-semitism.
It’s like a warfare on the truth and on people.

Преди 9 месеца

A TRUE PATRIOT Supports Whatever Random Thing Trump Is Doing in the Middle East Right Now
Trump plans to demand the first born to be offered in a fire Sacrifice to Baal. I am sure Trump followers will oblige wholeheartedly.

Feudal Peasant
Феодален селянин
Преди 9 месеца

Trump has redirected our perception of reality one more time. Not that I give a shit. I do wish he would keep his mouth for a short while.